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Time Until Speed Week 2020

The November meet was one for the ages. Perfect weather, temps in the high 70s - low 80s and NO wind. We won't talk about the low temps at night, it is the high desert in the fall after all. The SCTA reports 150 entries. An average turnout these days. The end of the season tends to keep those not in contention for the Championship at home. The veteran dry lake racers will show up no matter what.

The El Mirage 200 MPH Club welcomed three new members at the meet:

Brian Gillespie driving the Hasport Hondata G/BGMS entry ran a great 200.9 record which got his club membership, and vaulted him into the points lead for the championship early on Saturday morning. More on Brian later. Keith Pederson got a turn at the wheel of the White Goose Bar Racing roadster. The Waters Manghelli Romero entry ran in F/BFR class this meet and Keith pedaled her down the track at 205 for a merlot colored hat. Keith's record means that all White Goose Bar principles who are driver types are now members of both clubs. Ed Umland, who is familiar with readers of Hot Rod magazine ran his B/BFRMR at a touch over the 240 minimum, 240.481 to be exact. Congratulations to all three, this brings the total of new club members to six for the year. Not bad for a season which had two events cancelled due to wet course conditions.

Other records set this meet include:

Robert Sights Jr with his G/BFMR at 180.105. Dennis Mariani had his new, ex-Seth Hammond, ex Bob Button E/BGMR out this meet and set a new class record of 206. It was hard to find Dennis in the pits because the big hauler was missing. The roadster was on an open trailer, a couple of crew members and some beer - just like the rest of us do. Greg Waters had his chance in the WGB roadster on Sunday and bumped Keith's new record up to 207. Don Ferguson III, D 3, to most all of us ran in XXF/BFR this meet using the Ferguson Ardun heads and SCoT blower repop. D3 ran a great 180 record. The team also had the #76 streamliner out testing their new Hondata engine and driveline combo for some serious records next season. The very successful Youngblood family brought their G/BStR to California from the home in Utah. I have seen them run two roadsters to several records at both Speed Week and World of Speed. The car is tuned by son JD and driven by his sister, the lovely Ali Ercanbrack, noted as Hot Rod Ali on the side of the trailer. Chet Thomas from Northern California is running the 511 Street Roadster as campaigned by Cummins Beck Davidson Thornsberry recently. Chet used John Beck power to set a new AA/StR record of 194 on Sat. He was on a super 200 pass Sun. until the trans would not shift into top gear. Good things to happen next year. Bob Jucweic continues to set records in the Cohn Jucweic Monza, this meet in the E/CGAlt class at 180+. Miriam Macmillan also continues to impress with yet another record in her H/BFCC entry, the Hondata CRX car, this time at 209.3.

I mentioned Brian Gillespie before. Brian set a 200+ record on Sat. got club membership and moved into the points lead. As the other contenders fell away Hasport Hondata was the champ on Sat. night. Anticipation was as high as the sun on Sunday when it was the last chance to catch Brian and the points lead. Early on Brian made a pass and lost control of his car. The resulting tumble destroyed the car and Brian was air lifted from the area. Good news, Brian has injuries that will heal and retained the season championship for cars.

The motorcycle impound had four new records to close out the year. Cathy Butler rode the ACAT/Butler/Erion/Hobbs 650-P-P entry to a record of 171. Jeannie Pflum was on the Pflum and Wagner Racing 1000-A-F bike and upped the class record to 194. John Noonan was on the 1350-APS-BG entry of Big CC Turbo/Noonan and set the class record and Top Speed of the Year for bikes at 250.669. Kenny Schaefer was on the Schaefer & Chambers 1650-A-PF entry and set the record at 182.

This covers the final event of the season. Number one points was Hasport Hondata as I mentioned. Number one motorcycle is Ralph Hudson once again. Top speeds for car and bike were Dave Davidson in the 911 Blown Fuel highboy at 253.394 and John Noonan on the Big CC Turbo/Noonan Hayabusa at 250.669. Both of these speeds were set at the November event.

Detailed results for the season can be found at: www.scta-bni.org

Everyone have a great holiday season and put your thinking caps on so I can report on your successesnext year.

Dan Warner

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